The Open Debate Engine project is an attempt to develop a platform for crowdsourcing policy debates on complex topics. Each site built on the platform will focus on a single topic area (for example, the 'Iranian nuclear deal' or ‘U.S. climate change policy’) and build out as complete a representation of all of the arguments, citations, and players in the debate as possible.

Our goal is not to create another place where users can go to engage in a debate (though we certainly expect there to be lively discussions across our sites) but rather to create a resource where users can expect to find the best format of an argument in the debate to further their own discussions or research. 

We are building this project as a Drupal 7 install profile project to allow anyone to setup their own debate on a topic. Until this is released, you can see this on the beta-test sites we have released, including UNCLOSdebate.org (currently live) and IranDebate.org which will be launching in July 2015.